Level One E-learning course for beginner dowsers to become fully proficient in all types of pendulum dowsing. Designed by Dean Fraser.

Five part course, with a certificate of merit upon completion.

MODULE ONE - GETTING STARTED AS A DOWSER A brief history of dowsing; rod or pendulum dowsing?; using a pendulum for the first time.

MODULE TWO - DEVELOPING AS A DOWSER Life choices; developing as a dowser; answering the unanswerable; dowsing lists.

MODULE THREE - DOWSING THE LANDSCAPE Earth energy; finding Ley Lines; geopathic stress; uncovering the past.

MODULE FOUR - DOWSING AND INTUITION What do you think?; our truth evolves; what do you truly want?; facts from fiction; dowsing and meditation; signs to take action.

MODULE FIVE - PUTTING DOWSING SKILLS TO USE Water; water dowsing technique; dowsing for health; finding lost objects; cleansing your pendulum; putting it all together.

Course is written in English and available globally direct from this website. Payment is via Paypal.

Pendulum Dowsing E-Learning Course