1 Poet 247 Poems Tour

“Dean is just magical he takes you on a journey meandering through time, visiting town and country exploring our heritage, exploring our history. This is a wonderful collection of stories, poems, memories full of sentiment, passion and with spirituality.”

“The originality of the poetry, easy listening, taking time out to relax and listening to an interesting and meaningful poet. Listening to Dean Fraser transports you. Powerful works!”

During this year I will be touring the UK (and perhaps beyond!) performing from my new poetry anthology 247 Poems.

Every show will be unique...after all I do have 247 poems to choose from to perform and I love it this way.


Show last about an hour (sometimes longer depending upon if my audience have anywhere to go in a hurry, remember the book does contain 247 poems!) to book me to perform at your venue please email for more information about availability deanfraserofficial@outlook.com

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The Bohemian...how it all began

Nowadays happily acclaimed as one of the foremost UK poets, I started my journey into the poetic spotlight as part of underground bohemian collective The 4 Poets, writing poems for various events gave me a unique opportunity to gain insight into what makes a poem work live and often far more importantly, exactly what doesn’t!

As is the way of life, change happened, which saw me have my Beatles moment and leave The 4 Poets to explore within my own creativity, to finally write for the sheer pleasure of telling stories which rhymed (sometimes!).

My first poetry book The Lancashire Poems eventually came out in 2013, closely followed by sister collection The Cheshire Poems. The next eighteen months saw your poet performing across those two counties, and also a little further afield at libraries, festivals, museums and literary events.

Fast-forward a few years and having just completed my 343 page poetic anthology 247 POEMS I am touring across the UK to bring my live show to as many of you as possible. To know more send me an email deanfraserofficial@outlook.com