About Dean Fraser

Dean started his journey into all things self-empowering and creative in the late 1980's.

A fascination with all that exists behind the facade of the everyday world led him into studying everything from the symbology of Ancient Egypt, journeying through our Celtic past, stopping off via the Law of Attraction, the Psychology of Success, Body Language and the Power we all possess to Self-Heal; along the way also adding emotional expression through Poetry.

His quest for learning continues. Dean loves to share with others some of his discoveries along the way through his books and public speaking on The Magic of Authentic Living, and occasional live Poetry Shows.

Dean Fraser has been labelled by the press the hippie Teacher of The Law of Attraction -  although these days when public speaking, he does tone-down a little his natural inclination to dress like a member of a 1960’s psychedelic rock band who time-travelled into the 21st century!

So much for the biography, if you would like get in touch email deanfraserofficial@outlook.com

In the last year Dean Fraser has been featured in or contributed articles to...

Oracle 20:20, Your Spiritual Revolution, Creations, Indigo Sun Magazine, Roots of Life, ROC Metaphysical, Inner Realm, Mystic Living Today, Conscious Community, Conscious Life News, New Dawn Magazine, Shine Your Lyght, Spirit Guides, Sense of Knowing, New Spirit Journal, In Daily, Spirit & Destiny Magazine, Zenasia, In Cheshire Magazine, Focus Wyre, New York Spirit, Lancaster Canal Trust Magazine, Dumfries & Galloway Life, Morris Newsletter, Best of British Magazine, Plant Based Eating and Pure Eco Magazine.

Many thanks once again for your interesting contribution which should help to motivate many people to face life's challenges in a positive way. ROOTS OF LIFE MAGAZINE