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Over three decades ago, working as he then did within the corporate world of publishing, Dean Fraser experienced what can only be described as an epiphany about where his career needed to go next. Radical change became essential.

Has this journey always been easy? If it had been, he wouldn't have learned anything! Yet every challenge, every curve-ball which stood in his way, only served to make him more self-disciplined and determined to find a way. It was there, every time.

His passion is helping people unlock their own potential and initially he went out on the road offering free-to-hear talks to anyone who wanted to listen. A few decades later his presentations have evolved into complete seminars.

We all have the freedom of choice to grow into our ideal life and if that includes being happier, healthier and more successful…we deserve it all!

Dean Fraser circa the 1980's, back in his corporate days...a career he eventually found himself delighted to leave behind to pursue his own dreams. Great tie!

Dean in the earlier part of this century delivering one of his free-to-hear talks. These quickly got him established and led to all which has followed. He passionately desires to help as many others as possible each year and this photo captures the beginning of that journey.

His first specifically life-coaching book arrived in 2014.

Dean Fraser takes up the story behind his ground-breaking new book ALIVE TO THRIVE

I wrote the embryonic edition of Alive to Thrive (under the original title You But Happier, Healthier and More Successful) through most of 2015.

Quite naturally this might lead one to wonder why make the effort to produce such a radically updated and enlarged edition quite so soon? Might it be I was in some way unhappy with the original book or the message it shared?

During 2015 I experienced a slight bit of a challenge to wellness. I shall spare you the details, needless to say I did have a palpable sense of urgency to produce what I felt would be the most important book I needed to write. Having had successes in my life, I wanted to share the formula with my readers, then they might also realise all of their own latent potential.

Fast-forward three years finds me not only fully recovered but feeling the fittest physically and mentally I have ever experienced, essentially by following my own inner wisdom to self-heal. In a commercial sense though this did require me needing to start again, having taken this sabbatical to self-heal created the fascinating experience later of the re-establishing of myself within the business and creative world.

And it is this journey, this new learning curve along the way, which led me to conclude writing this updated edition, now to be poignantly titled Alive to Thrive had become essential. I have loved and lived every moment of this new journey. Within my intuition I knew now I needed to share with you all my new discoveries.

And above all else I have found editing, adding to and re-visiting these words outrageously good fun!

I began my life coaching career nearly three decades ago, firstly part-time alongside my day job going out to give my free-to-hear talks with the win/win of both helping as many people as possible and establishing myself. I wrote my first book twenty years ago, having studied body language to become registered with Associated Stress Consultants. Throughout all those years I never really had any time-out to reflect upon my journey, everything happened organically through my passion for what I do and the habit I have of saying YES to more or less any interesting opportunity which comes along.

Taking the opportunity to work on myself for a year, by retreating from the public for a short while, turned out to be exactly what I needed. I feel I learned more in that twelve months than in all my previous decades!

Returning once more to give talks, my first event was a You But Stress Free workshop, I could feel the difference within me. I knew through my introspective gap-year I was now able to fully understand others in an entirely new way. I can only feel gratitude for that year out, it made me surer than I have ever been - project the right energy and we do get exactly what we all need to grow as people!

My wish (as always with my writing and talks) is for you to get exactly what you need from these pages to excite, ignite your passion and inspire you to be a happier, healthier and more successful person!

Dean Fraser

Each year Dean Fraser reaches well over fifteen million people through readership of his books, live talks and seminars, plus his numerous contributions to magazines, journals and online blogs.