About Dean Fraser

I believe we all born with the latent ability to heal for both ourselves and others. I have always trusted we each have a calling in life, it seems my destiny found me, even if I did everything possible to avoid it for a little while! In the end I took the pathway before me…the main motivation is I find it personally beautiful to help others. Seeing the difference my interaction, my involvement makes, validates my decision to tread this path I walk...

Quite early on as an intuitive healer I developed an equally intuitive code of ethics - meaning under no circumstances would I ever offer any kind of healing unless directly asked for. I know I have absolutely no right to interfere in the lives of others unless requested by them to help. And if their own path to growth means they need to pass through certain learning experiences themselves along the way, it is equally their right to do so. I still live by this exact same code quite a few decades later on!

From the early 90's through to 2010 I ran The Strawberry Crystal, my wholesale alternative gift business, introducing so many to the latent power of crystals and the incredible potential of dowsing. During this time I wrote my first book Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing which went on to sell an unprecedented 10,000 copies in two years within only my native UK (updated in 2016 as an 18th Anniversary edition). More recently taking the original concept far out further creating my ongoing series of Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing books, covering holistic ways we can all live more authentic lives. For more from me on dowsing click here

Around the turn of this century I compiled a course on crystal healing for a well known University in the Midlands area of England. I also studied Body Language Psychology to become registered with Associated Stress Consultants. Soon offers to give talks happily came by word of mouth and continue to this day.

Along the way I organically simplified my life by focusing on my first love; sharing my discoveries and passion for learning with others - this manifests through the many magazines around the world I write for, definitely instilled into my own books and crucially by getting out there into the big wide world to talk with amazing people who are willing to listen.

The Quantum Poet - I have got used to when introducing myself the following question usually comes my way "are you Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet?" I love performing poetry far and wide. And I especially enjoy bringing poetry to unusual locations, whilst my natural poetic homes are libraries, museums and arts centres; my journey has also seen me poeting in a shoe-shop and I adore the absurdity of this...I wonder where else my poetry will take me? For more about my poetry and radio show click here

I have been vegan for over three decades, I advocate a vegan lifestyle not only for ethical reasons, this way of life is also the most ecological choice...

A vegetarian diet requires about 25% of the land required to feed a meat eater annually. For a vegan it is only 20%. Of two identical areas of land, one purely for rearing cows and the other given over to vegan food, the vegan plot will feed up to five times as many people. This crop will also require a minute percentage of the water needed by the cattle, and of course, none of the methane our bovine friends produce (adding to greenhouse gasses) are produced by that field of wheat!

I am available to talk about the vegan lifestyle, get in touch deanfraserofficial@outlook.com