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Couldn't we all function way more effectively if we felt a little calmer? Life is usually pretty hectic, yet taking just a few moments to apply these methods can stop stress in its tracks. Wouldn't it be amazing to by-pass the stress from being overwhelmed from ever dominating your life again? Step by step Dean Fraser shows you how to easily control your life, rather than events controlling you.
2018 I hour 8 mins
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Every Poem from Every Collection for the first time all brought together in one book! The Quantum Poet has become almost legendary - 247 POEMS is a must-have for any lover of uncategorizable poetry! You FEEL these poems!!! Is this philosophy? Yes, for sure. Is it a travel book? Yep, that to. Is it humorous? You bet! Is it inspirational? Sure is, read it for yourself and see. Is the poet from the same Universe as us all? Nope, probably not...

2019 4 hours 45 mins

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Imagine staying centred and in control of your emotional responses to any situation. Dean Fraser contends this is a choice we can all make. The ultimate self-empowered choice. There is a widely held misconception that to be happy means having no issues or challenges to overcome. Nothing is further from the truth! Overcoming challenges and triumphing leads to self-esteem and inner happiness way beyond everything running smoothly every single day. And nothing feels better than positively surprising yourself!
2018 1 hour 8 mins
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Offers a window into the lives of people told through over three thousand years worth of poetic tales. Celebrating the natural landscape and a love of life. Here is poetry sometimes drawing upon earth mysticism back through the mists of time, other times offering windows into the lives of ancient or contemporary people. How the wisdoms of the past still wait right there in our hearts to guide us here in this often mixed up and contradictory 21st century. This is The Quantum Poet's personal favourite of his own collections, proclaiming it is the book he always wanted to write.

2018 56 mins

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Take a walk around Chester walls, explore Macclesfield, Alderley Edge through the seasons, enjoy cricket in Prestbury, the railway town of Crewe or beautiful Vale Royal, visit our industrial past, take in Lymm or Tatton, visit ancient sites or The Golden Gates of Warrington, Dean Fraser brings to life these and many more iconic locations celebrated in beautiful, leafy Cheshire. Rather like seeds trapped in amber these poems will stand the test of time! You can feel the poet's honest love for Cheshire captured in every word...Poetically capturing people the poet met or those long forgotten back in mists of time given a voice once again through poetry.

2018 34 mins

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LANCASHIRE LIVING MAGAZINE said "thought provokingly deep, sometimes historical, other times bang-up-to-date and often simply laugh out loud funny!" If you Love Lancashire you have reached your destination! This collection features poems set in Blackpool, Fleetwood, Accrington, Coppull, Pilling, Garstang, St Annes, Knott-End-On-Sea, Contemporary Life, Morecambe, Lancaster, Leyland, Preston, Industrial Heritage Of Lancashire, Blackburn, Penwortham, Village Life, The River Ribble, Red Rose County, Chorley, Preston Market, The People Of Lancashire, Bolton and The Landscape Of Lancashire.

2018 42 mins

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