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How To be Happier, Healthier and More Successful (NEW!)

We all want to be living a life of happiness and fulfilment. The truth is that this is genuinely possible for anyone (and not just a lucky few) we can make the choice as a conscious decision to live their life this way. Never has the phrase life is all about the attitude been more relevant! When you have finally seen those long-held dreams realised, and by following the steps throughout Alive to Thrive, you certainly stand a good chance of them finally coming to be your life, then other dreams you might never have even imagined becoming possible, gradually organically proceed to take pride of place as future goals. It really does never end and indeed quite right too, it truly never needs to! Updated and expanded edition of YOU But Happier, Healthier and More Successful.

2018 (342 pages) Paper Book.


How to gain emotional harmony, balanced health and personal success every day!

We all want to live a better life, yet how often we seem to take one step forward...then two back. Dean Fraser tells us the past may be nice to visit, yet we do ourselves no favours by living there...just as the future is before us, if we want to mould it we need to THINK differently. Now is the only possible moment. It is always now! Choosing to live for the moment, learning from our past experiences and using them to shape our future path. Dean Fraser insists anyone can live the most amazing life right now, shows how it's a choice any of us can choose to make right now and grow beyond any apparent limitations right now!

2014 (143 pages) Paper and E-Book.


Book One - Finding Your Dream and Living It!

Our individual happiness can never be bought through acquiring things.

It’s about you and I making the personal choice to live on our own terms every single day and right there is our real key to lasting happiness! The author aims to help all who read to live with their eyes open and according to their own personalities, natural decision-making process and freedom of choice...the freedom to be yourself.

2015 (92 pages) Paper and E-Book


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Nothing feels better than positively surprising yourself!

Get right into the driving seat of your own life. Being empowered has little to do with warriors battling out against all the odds, it's about choosing to change our attitude to life which makes us all the winners. And what's even better is any one of us can choose to do this - to live a life enriched beyond what most imagine is possible. Once personally empowered we then become able to deal with any curve-ball which comes our way and still prosper!

2018 Audio Book Download (1 hour 8 mins)


Controlling your life, rather than events controlling you

Stress is a fact of life, where we can choose though is how much this will affect our quality of this life!

Here we have multiple completely natural ways to take control of stress, rather than feeling adrift and powerless, step by step empowering ourselves to deal with anything that comes along and remain calm.

2018 Audio Book Download (1 hour 8 mins)


Opening eyes and minds just a little wider

This collection of exquisite poetry offers a window into the lives of people told through over three thousand years worth of stories. Celebrating the natural landscape and with infectious enthusiasm for life. How the wisdom's of the past still waits right there in our hearts to guide us here in this often mixed up and contradictory 21st century! A master poet at the absolute top of his game...

2017 Audio Book Download (56 minutes)