I love to help others enrich their journey on this bluey-green planet of ours - closer to nature and our inner nature...how often one and the same...


Allow me introduce you to our beautiful friends from the mineral world. Crystals are gorgeous to work with in healing or simply just wear or have around our space.

Like us, crystals contain energy vibrations within them. Not only does each type of crystal contain energy within its own spectrum, each individual crystal also contains its very own individual energy signal and aura.

Crystals have given me so much over the decades, in this talk I share how and why they can benefit you as well. This presentation is definitely audience interactive - I love questions then I am better able to help my audience.

This talk is interactive, I bring along crystals for my audience to buy and it lasts about an hour. To book me email info@alivetothrive.co.uk

The first photo above is me back in the days of running The Strawberry Crystal and knapping a 20 kilo piece of Rose Quartz.

The second photo shows me at a talk, in full flow.