The book that became a phenomenon. Originally written to personally share some of my major paranormal and healing experiences, in the hope it might help others. This book has been No1 occult downloaded title an unprecedented 5 times over the last eighteen months!

Those of need of my services always find me. When those I help ask me if I am ever afraid my stock, half joking, reply is “never, but the dark entities out there tremble at the mention of the name Decanus Fragaria!”

DECANUS FRAGARIA I choose to use the Latin version of my name for my paranormal investigations and writings. Anyone who has ever explored within similar areas of activity will understand why.

ABOUT THE BOOK Available firstly as a far more embryonic e-book entitled Ghosts, Demons and Psychic Healing the manner in which it proceeded to go completely viral, becoming the worldwide number one downloaded occult book time after time on Amazon, prompted me to write this greatly expanded paper version (and updated e-book)

Below is an interview I gave for Miami Ghost Chronicles...

I would like to thank Take a Break Fate & Fortune for publishing two of my tales. ROC Metaphysical for featuring a story from GDPH Casebook. And Paranormal Underground for featuring a story from the book.