To radically change our life for the better doesn’t always require us to radically change as a person. Quite literally all that is needed is a shift in our awareness of what can be possible from life, then consciously choosing to go out there and make that possibility our reality. This simple shift makes all the difference. Shedding old patterns of behaviour as we progress through life, rather like the snake sheds its own skin to renew itself.

Let me be your guide and help you find, then live true to, the Authentic YOU!

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My events are fun places to be. Serious matters dealt with in an approachable human way ensures long lasting impact in the lives of my audiences and clients.

I can help you find your true inner you and how to live in harmony with yourself - which is the only way to remain at ease whatever curve balls might come along. To see opportunities for growth rather than any possible limitation.

You want someone to shout motivational words at you? There are plenty of great trainers out there who will be delighted to do just that.

You want someone to listen, as well as talk?

You have reached your destination!

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I also teach meditation and self-empowering stress-control techniques. Plus, I have been known to run dowsing and holistic wellbeing classes.

Did I mention my approach is just a little different? I want to help others achieve all they ever had the potential for and perhaps quite didn't know how to make happen for themselves, whichever way works best for the individual.

My first specifically life-coaching book AMAZING LIVING EVERY DAY arrived in 2014, and I am still proud of the message it shares.

Some perhaps imagine the lives of those such as myself (coaches, trainers or however else you wish to label what we do, I prefer Holistic Mindset Consultant, but hey!) anyway, they feel our days must be 100% perfect and we never have any issues.

Not exactly true or realistic...for sure I have had my challenges and out of such a time my new book ALIVE TO THRIVE followed - I share the full story below...

The story behind new book ALIVE TO THRIVE

I wrote the embryonic edition of Alive to Thrive (under the original title You But Happier, Healthier and More Successful) through most of 2015.

Quite naturally this might lead one to wonder why make the effort to produce such a radically updated and enlarged edition quite so soon? Might it be I was in some way unhappy with the original book or the message it shared?

During 2015 I experienced a slight bit of a challenge to wellness. I shall spare you the details, needless to say I did have a palpable sense of urgency to produce what I felt would be the most important book I needed to write. Having had successes in my life, I wanted to share the formula with my readers, then they might also realise all of their own latent potential.

Fast-forward four years finds me not only fully recovered but feeling the greatest physically and mentally I have ever experienced, essentially by following my own inner wisdom to self-heal. In a commercial sense though this did require me needing to start again, having taken this sabbatical to self-heal created the fascinating experience later of the re-establishing of myself within the business and creative world.

And it is this journey, this new learning curve along the way, which led me to conclude writing this updated edition, now to be poignantly titled Alive to Thrive had become essential. I have loved and lived every moment of this new journey. Within my intuition I knew now I needed to share with you all my new discoveries.

And above all else I have found editing, adding to and re-visiting these words outrageously good fun!

Taking the opportunity to work on myself for a year, by retreating from the public for a short while, turned out to be exactly what I needed. I feel I learned more in that twelve months than in all my previous decades!

Returning once more to give talks, my first event was a Empowered to Stress Free workshop, I could feel the difference within me. I knew through my introspective gap-year I was now able to fully understand others in an entirely new way. I can only feel gratitude for that year out, it made me surer than I have ever been - project the right energy and we do get exactly what we all need to grow as people!

My wish (as always with my writing and talks) is for you to get exactly what you need from these pages to excite, ignite your passion and inspire you to be a happier, healthier and more successful person!

Dean Fraser

Upon my return after my sabbatical I set up an events and admin company to run my diary and take care of all my admin. For the latest on were I am going to be (and what I shall be doing when I am there!) pay the website a visit

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