If you can breathe…you can meditate!

In my talks, my classes, I have had people say to me “Dean, I would love to do meditation, to practice meditation, but I have tried it and it doesn’t work for me, my mind is still too busy, and I can’t relax”.

This method has evolved with me over the course of more than thirty years and naturally still continues to develop, providing new forms of enlightenment along the way.

All of those I have taught my method have been able to meditate almost straight away and subsequently adapt what they have learned to suit their own needs. I show one possible path, of course there are many other routes to meditating. I offer you the basics to then let you refine and develop yourself your capabilities to meditate. By its very nature mediation is experiential, each of us getting exactly what we personally need by way of enlightenment.

Naturally this talk is audience inclusive!

The workshops lasts about 30 minutes. For more information and availability email me at deanfraserofficial@outlook.com