More About Dean Fraser

Nearly 30 years ago I took the decision to simplify my life. Failing to find any inner happiness through the corporate world I existed in, I left behind that lifestyle and began to explore other possibilities. Taking a whole year out I travelled to visit ancient sites, networked with other students of human potential and read; I mean REALLY read, books became food for my soul and showed other possibilities from life, how we are all responsible for the decisions we make...our choices.

For fifteen years I ran The Strawberry Crystal, my wholesale alternative gift business introducing so many to the beauty of crystals and the incredible potential of dowsing. During this time I wrote my first book Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing which went on to sell 10,000 copies in two years within my native UK (updated in 2016 as an 18th Anniversary edition). I also compiled a course on crystal healing for a well known University in the Midlands area of England. Over twenty years ago I studied Body Language Psychology to become registered with Associated Stress Consultants. Offers to give talks came by word of mouth and this is where I finally discovered my true mission.

I simplified my life even further by focusing on my first love; sharing my discoveries and passion for learning with others - this manifests through the many magazines around the world I write for, definitely instilled into my own books and crucially by getting out there into the big wide world to talk with amazing people who are willing to listen.

The Quantum Poet. I have got used to the fact when introducing myself the following question usually comes my way "are you Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet?" I love performing poetry far and wide. And I especially enjoy bringing poetry to unusual locations, whilst my natural poetic homes are libraries, museums and arts centres; my journey has also seen me poeting in a shoe-shop and I adore the absurdity of this...I wonder where else my poetry will take me?

I feel privileged to do what I do. Living the dream? Yep, that's me! And so can you...