Naturally Stress Free Talk...

Stress is there every day, it's a fact and impossible to avoid without buying out of engaging with life. What we can do though is dramatically reduce the ability of stress to affect us. My talk centres on is giving you simple techniques for buying-out of stress disturbing your journey through this life.

Here we have completely natural ways any of us can take control of stress, rather than feeling adrift and powerless, step by step empowering ourselves to deal with anything that comes along and remain calm.

Talk last about 45 minutes and there is the opportunity to buy books after the presentation. I love audience questions as this enables me to help in exactly the way they need.

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Having been vegetarian, then vegan since 19 years young, in late 2017 I found myself prompted to explore macrobiotic veganism. Since this year I have lived a sugar free (and free from any artificial sugars) macrobiotic vegan lifestyle. It isn't a diet and it is my experience that once we feel the health benefits, being a macrobiotic vegan is for life.

I would never presume to tell anyone what they ought or not to consume. My philosophy when I first became veggie is "we are what we eat" my exploring to understand macrobiotic veganism confirms to me more than ever eternally how true this is. I have never felt fitter or experienced more energy.

I write articles for many journals on the macrobiotic vegan lifestyle and how it relates to over all wellbeing, contact me