2019 I will see me travelling across the UK (and I little further afield)sharing the knowledge from my brand new book ALIVE TO THRIVE...

About to commence recording the audio book edition of Amazing Living Every Day. It is five or six years since I wrote this book, fascinating to revisit myself from back then, my writing as always reflecting my mindset. I like this book!

August 14th 2018

Updating of the website complete. Thanks once again to the team...awesome job one and all. I declare this website truly open and welcome to all visitors!

July 24th 2018

Happy...Happy....Staying Happy article up on light work review

June 30th 2018

You and I are the best people qualified to be ourselves - every other role is already taken!

June 24th 2018

Happy Solstice!


It's all around if we open our eyes to see
Today I saw a gorgeous tree

Growing out of an old crumbling wall

There lies beauty
It's everywhere around

And it costs nothing

Taken from Beyond Poetry - Celebrating Nature & Life

June 22nd 2018

Cancelled event - due to circumstances beyond my control my Stress talk at The Barbican 4th July has had to be cancelled. Hope to see you out there at one of my other events soon!

June 20th 2018