Nothing feels better than positively surprising yourself!


For me dowsing is all about developing a link to our spiritual self and learning to trust what has been called our intuition or gut instinct. Our dowsing pendulum is the perfect tool for guiding us, nurturing our intuition and having the confidence to go with those choices which feel right deep inside.

In teaching people to dowse I always feel I am giving them the keys to a better understanding of themselves and the World around them. I still get excited with them the first time it works and share a renewed awe for this unexplained phenomenon.

On a personal level this talk takes me right back to the beginning of my own journey into the metaphysical and arcane. The talk lasts about 45 minutes and my audience have the chance to buy dowsing pendulums and books after the talk.

By nature is obviously audience interactive, I love questions as this enables me to tailor each event to exactly what my audience need from me.

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