THE QUANTUM it all began

I started my journey into the poetic spotlight as part of underground bohemian collective The 4 Poets, writing poems for various events gave me a unique opportunity to gain insight into what makes a poem work live and often far more importantly, exactly what doesn’t! As is the way of life, change happened, which saw me have my Beatles moment and leave The 4 Poets to explore within my own creativity, to finally write for the sheer pleasure of telling stories which rhymed (sometimes!).

My first poetry book The Lancashire Poems eventually came out in early 2013, closely followed by sister collection The Cheshire Poems. The next eighteen months saw your poet performing across those two counties, and also a little further afield at libraries, festivals, museums and literary events. I recently brought out my anthology 247 POEMS, so called as it does contain 247 poems in its 343 pages (well, to be totally accurate it actually has 248 poems, but I guess you will have to read or listen to the audio-book to know why and how!).

I only perform at my own poetry events, having done my time at festivals and as part of a collective, I now prefer to work solo.

During 2020 I am touring my anthology 247 Poems.

The show lasts about an hour. Get in touch

Every Poem from Every Collection for the first time all brought together in one book! The Quantum Poet has become almost legendary - 247 POEMS is a must-have for any lover of uncategorizable poetry! You FEEL these poems!!! Is this philosophy? Yes, for sure. Is it a travel book? Yep, that to. Is it humorous? You bet! Is it inspirational? Sure is, read it for yourself and see. Is the poet from the same Universe as us all? Nope, probably not. Entitled 247 Poems as the collection does indeed contain 247 poems (well, there's a hidden 248th poem, but you will have to listen or read to discover how!)

2019 Paper Book 343 pages

2019 Audio-Book 4 hours 44 mins

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Offers a window into the lives of people told through over three thousand years worth of stories. Celebrating the natural landscape and a love of life. Here is poetry sometimes drawing upon earth mysticism back through the mists of time, other times offering windows into the lives of ancient or contemporary people. How the wisdoms of the past still wait right there in our hearts to guide us here in this often mixed up and contradictory 21st century. This is The Quantum Poet's personal favourite of his own collections, proclaiming it is the book he always wanted to write.

2017 Paper Book 68 pages

2018 Audio-Book 56 mins

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He came, he saw, he wrote poetry! In the spirit of all great explorers here we have tales set in places as diverse as the tiny Channel Island of Sark right through to the metropolis of Manhattan. Compelling glimpses beyond the immediately obvious at iconic locations and further taking his notebook & pen far off the beaten track...pioneering an entirely new kind of travel book and you don't even need to love poetry to enjoy it!

2017 Paper Book 62 pages

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Take a walk around Chester walls, explore Macclesfield, Alderley Edge through the seasons, enjoy cricket in Prestbury, the railway town of Crewe or beautiful Vale Royal, visit our industrial past, take in Lymm or Tatton, visit ancient sites or The Golden Gates of Warrington, Dean Fraser brings to life these and many more iconic locations celebrated in beautiful, leafy Cheshire. You can feel the poet's honest love for Cheshire in every word...Poetically capturing people the poet met or those long forgotten back in mists of time given a voice once again through poetry.

2015 Paper Book 56 pages

2018 Audio-Book 34 mins

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LANCASHIRE LIVING MAGAZINE said "thought provokingly deep, sometimes historical, other times bang-up-to-date and often simply laugh out loud funny!"If you Love Lancashire you have reached your destination! This collection features poems set in Blackpool, Fleetwood, Accrington, Coppull, Pilling, Garstang, St Annes, Knott-End-On-Sea, Contemporary Life, Morecambe, Lancaster, Leyland, Preston, Industrial Heritage Of Lancashire, Blackburn, Penwortham, Village Life, The River Ribble, Red Rose County, Chorley, Preston Market, The People Of Lancashire, Bolton and The Landscape Of Lancashire.

2013 Paper Book 57 pages

2018 Audio-Book 42 mins

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