Nothing feels better than positively surprising yourself!

Spiritual England said: "it's a lovely, life-affirming, amusing, inspiring and also very practical book “

Psychic News said: “the author challenges you to discover the meaning of dowsing”

Indie Shaman Magazine said “advice on how to dowse with a pendulum plus some ideas on things you can dowse for….written in an informal style”

Genuine Reader Review “An enjoyable introduction to pendulum dowsing for people who know nothing about it and helpful for people who know a little too. Easy to read and informative”


In teaching people to dowse I always feel I am giving them the keys to a better understanding of themselves and the World around them. I still get excited with them the first time it works and share a renewed awe for this unexplained phenomenon.

For me dowsing is all about developing a link to our spiritual self and learning to trust what has been called our intuition or gut instinct. Our dowsing pendulum is the perfect tool for guiding us, nurturing our intuition and having the confidence to go with those choices which feel right deep inside.


I wrote the original book, sub-titled Anyone can Dowse, all the way back in 1998 and self-published. This first foray into writing subsequently went on to sell over ten thousand copies in my native UK. Eventually, as is sometimes the way of things, it eventually went out of print becoming temporarily consigned to history.

Fast forward a few years to March 2016 when I found myself publishing a brand new 18th Anniversary Edition – illustrated to enable my readers to follow the instructions easier and expanded to include the wider picture on dowsing in the 21st century.

Yet again, this now updated edition of Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing - Anyone Can Dowse, went top-ten on Amazon within genre, hitting number one five times to date and stayed consistently in the top 100 since. The audio download edition of Anyone Can Dowse also went viral on audio book sites.


Having received such an unprecedented reception to the re-launched book, I looked around at ways I might take the concept further to help so many more of you, sharing my own enthusiasm, and hopefully inspiring others to see the incredible range of almost limitless applications for dowsing.

The first new title Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing - Spiritual Healing also hit top-ten status within a fortnight of launch, and with no real promotion or publicity, has continued to be read or audio downloaded worldwide, keeping it ever since in the top one hundred titles within its genre.

This title was closely followed by Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing - Your Perfect Career. Helping those who feel dissatisfied with their career path to find the confidence to finally live a more authentic life.

Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing - Crystals In Your Life brings together in one book two of my own particular areas of fascination. Although at this point only out for a short while, all the signs are that this book will also be a popular addition to the series.


I will continue to add the series of Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing books as long as you are enjoying them and gaining something worthwhile to apply to your life. The next in the series deals with decision will be out next year.

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