Spiritual England said: "it's a lovely, life-affirming, amusing, inspiring and also very practical book “

Psychic News said: “the author challenges you to discover the meaning of dowsing”

Indie Shaman Magazine said “advice on how to dowse with a pendulum plus some ideas on things you can dowse for….written in an informal style”


Dean Fraser wrote the original book, sub-titled Anyone can Dowse, all the way back in 1998 and self-published, going on to sell over 10,000 copies in only his native UK.

Nearly two decades on he finally launched the book around the world via online bookstores, to see it hit #1 best seller in its genre five times to date, remaining in the top 100 ever since. It also went on to become stocked by The American Society of Dowsers.


Having received such an unprecedented reception to the re-launched book, Dean looked around at ways he might take the concept further with the goal inspiring others to see the incredible range of almost limitless applications for dowsing. He will continue to occasionally write new dowsing titles as long as his readers enjoy then...

This enchanting book combines dowsing with crystals. Choosing your crystals, where to use them and how, suggested crystals for the home or in healing. How we can all benefit right now from these beautiful gifts from nature. Including full listings of both well and lesser known crystals, detailing their healing or mystical applications. The author ran a crystal business for fifteen years and wrote a course on crystal healing for well known university. This book is part of the best-selling Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing series.

2018 Paper Book 60 pages $5.50/£3.50

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#1 author of Anyone Can Dowse. “advice on how to dowse with a pendulum plus some ideas on things you can dowse for….written in an informal style” INDIE SHAMAN MAGAZINE. An inspirational journey into spiritual healing for yourself and others - how a simple dowsing pendulum provides astounding insights in the quest for perfect health and harmony. Headaches, pain, distant healing, emotional blockages, injuries, stress all from author with decades of personal experience in both dowsing and spiritual healing.

2018 Paper Book 60 pages $5.50/£3.50

2019 Audio-Book Download 1 hour $4.74/£6.32

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Original Edition of Bestselling Book. Discover how you can use a pendulum for among other things, choosing vitamins and minerals, testing food and drink, finding lost articles, psychic development, discovering where to go on holiday or the perfect location to live, gold or oil prospecting, to answer virtually any question or unravel the truth...Combining invaluable advice with the remarkable insights on how and when to use a pendulum - inspirational and truly original guide to dowsing for pretty much anything! If you thought dowsing was just for finding water, read on and enrich your life. This book is stocked by the American Society of Dowsers.

1998 Paper Book 48 pages $3.99/£2.99

2019 Audio-Book Download 48 mins $4.74/£3.69

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