100% Naturally Stress Free Pocketbook (Paperback 136 Pages)

100% Naturally Stress Free Pocketbook (Paperback 136 Pages)


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It is impossible to avoid stress, what we can all do though is reduce our stress-levels through easily adopted small changes in lifestyle and mindset which dramatically reduce our likelihood of ever becoming dangerously stressed. This book will show:-

• How to be in charge of our own responses to stressful situations instead of these events triggering us.

• Recognising the difference between short-term stress and the more harmful slow-burn stress

• How to recognise you are actually suffering from stress

• The two-minute De-Stress for fast relief you can use any time you need

• Breaking the patterns of our inner programmes and inner conversations of limitation

• Multiple ways to make tiny adjustments in lifestyle for major changes in your stress levels

• Dealing with insomnia, headaches and letting go of emotional baggage to bring unparalleled freedom in your life

This book is based directly on the methods the author teaches in his game-changing 100% stress free talks and workshops.

Paperback 136 pages (2021)