Beyond Poetry - Celebrating Nature & Life (2017)


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Wonderfully warm and exquisitely beautiful book celebrating the beauty of nature and joy of being alive!

Here is a collection which speaks to some deeper inner feeling within everyone. As one book reviewer put it "I'm not particularly a big poetry fan but I do read it now and then. I usually look for poems that I can relate to or that inspire and motivate me. This chap has written material that has inspired and motivated me, so he must be doing something right!

70 pages paperback book

* A True Community * A Tale of Two Trains * The Jacket * Nature Freely Gives * Be Beautiful… * I’m What’s His Face * The Drawer in the Mine * Have a Good Day, Mr Magpie * The Old Straight Track * Never Meet Your Heroes * The Dancers of Life * The Shaman in the Park * Linger a Little Longer * Connected Through Time and Sword * Bodging in the Woods * Finding Himself in Nature * Fogou * Acting Upon a Dream * Turner Surprise * The River and The Sea * Tales to Tell * Mandolino * The Water Diviners * Farming Through Time * Island of My Mind * Embracing Nature, Only Natural * Last Train * Inspiration Factory * After Salvador * Today in this 21st Century *