Dowsing, Ghosts & Psychic Healing (Paperback 132 Pages)

Dowsing, Ghosts & Psychic Healing (Paperback 132 Pages)


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Compelling true stories from an author who first became aware of being able to psychic heal at around two years old, co-incidentally about the same age he found himself attacked by an elemental being. This book acts as a metaphysical autobiography beginning with discovering he could psychic heal through to discovering dowsing as means to understand himself and the arcane world he found himself living in. A childhood living in a haunted street would stand him in good-stead for adult life spent dealing with all too real encounters with the paranormal; and further refining his skills as dowser to help deal with them. Here we have tales of demonic entities taken on in a world-famous Megalithic monument through to cases of spirits found lurking in apparently perfectly ordinary homes, sat there on equally ordinary suburban streets.

Paperback - 132 pages (2021)