Healing The Feeling Pocketbook (Paperback 117 Pages)

Healing The Feeling Pocketbook (Paperback 117 Pages)


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What if it were possible for us to change the way we feel about ourselves, couldn't we then go on to create a completely different future? Use this book as your personal GPS to be living your life on your terms through

  • Constructing the kind of future YOU want for yourself
  • Leaving behind comfort zones with ease
  • How to have effective inner conversations
  • Learning from challenges to use them to empower your decision making
  • Discovering how to self-heal your own life
  • How small changes in you describe yourself and your life brings massive positive results
  • Questioning why you feel the way you do about triggering events leads to emotional freedom

If when you have read this book you are questioning yourself and looking around to see how you might more authentically live and go on to make your mark on life, then it has done its job well.

117 Pages (2015)