Pendulum Dowsing & Crystal Healing Pocketbook (2020)


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I adore crystals and I equally love dowsing. I hope during the course of this book I will inspire you sufficiently to discover more for yourself. Dowsing is experiential, and by this experience we grow as people.

Pretty much regardless of perhaps our wish to heal ourselves (or others) or if we simply want some natural interior design pieces, whatever our motivation for bringing crystals into our lives they are adding layers to the beauty of our experience.

Knowing more about ourselves and our interconnectedness with all things is the start of true wisdom. If we choose to attempt to grow as people, we have a great tool to help us...our dowsing pendulum.

70 Pages Paperback

Introducing 07

Dowsing of Lists 11

The Crystals 13

Energising Our Space With Crystals 39

Crystals & You 43

Foraging Crystals 51

Zodiac Crystals 55

Crystal Dowsing Oracle 58

Afterword 59

Appendix – How to Dowse 61