Staying Positive Regardless (2018)


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The martial artist who wishes to attain that elusive black belt is sure going to have to put in the hours of toil and sweat to finally arrive at that honour. Any mountain climber will confirm the path to the summit is rarely straightforward. The brilliant musician or artist will have spent many years perfecting their craft.

Yet 99.9% of these people and indeed those in any other field of endeavour, will tell you it is all about the journey. The ultimate outcome is inevitable, and they will be fully aware of that. It is the living in the moment, the satisfaction of perfecting their actions which is its own reward and choosing (and it is always a choice!) to enjoy the path, the journey to their ultimate destination - fulfilling their dream.

This Zen way of looking at life

“It’s all about the journey”

…takes us far

Living in the moment and enjoying it, whatever twists and turns life takes, will ensure adherence to the path and arrival at our destination!

90 Pages Paperback


The Third Thought

What Stops Many From Achieving

Comfort Zones (Traps) and The Zone

Thoughts Are All About Energy

Happiness – It All Starts With You

What Have We Got To Feel Grateful For?

Passion - The Great Creative Force

Staying Positive Regardless

Negative Stuff Is Always Positive

How To Deal With Thoughts Leading

To Nought

Choose To Change If It Starts To Feel


Re-Defining Mistakes

Go Take a Walk!

Hard Slog Isn’t The Way

Playing To Our Strengths

Changing Our Words To Change Our


And Finally