The Cheshire Poems (2014)


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Take a walk around Chester walls, explore Macclesfield, Alderley Edge through the seasons, enjoy cricket in Prestbury, the railway town of Crewe or beautiful Vale Royal, visit our industrial past, take in Lymm or Tatton, visit ancient sites or The Golden Gates of Warrington, Dean Fraser brings to life these and many more iconic locations celebrated in beautiful, leafy Cheshire. Poetically capturing people the poet met or those long forgotten back in mists of time.

"Inspired and written about places I visited while I lived there or since on my trips back to the County. They also talk of some of the people I have met; other characters from the past are brought to life once again through the power of words.I always see my poetic tales as windows offering glimpses into a frozen moment of time, rather like seeds trapped in amber. Enjoy this collection as much as I enjoy writing it for you" Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet.

56 pages.