The Magic of Authentic Living (2020)


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I often have people asking me how much of this stuff I teach do I personally use? Where am I in my own life and is every day perfect?

I am on exactly the same journey as you all are!

I fully appreciate some of these things are easier to talk about than actually realise. I also get that some wisdoms will speak to each of us more than others.

I have been on an intentional path of self-growth since the 1980’s, of course I still have challenges to deal with, the difference though is in perspective. Whereas once I would have see-sawed from one emotional extreme to another, these days my approach is far more centred and balanced. I attribute this to using the methods you will read about in this book. These methods took me from obscurity to quickly establishing myself as an internationally acclaimed poet with my own radio show (and for a time resident poet on a tv channel) and they will do exactly the same in fulfilling your goals, whatever they may be!

276 pages.

1 Emotional Empowerment

2 Gratitude Changes Everything And Love Makes It Real

3 Laying The Foundations

4 Transform Confidence In A Moment

5 Mindsets Of Opportunity

6 Buy Into It 100%!

7 Focussing And Acting On What We Actually Want

8 (Dis)Comfort Zones

9 Defining Success

10 Aligning With Your Talents

11 The Student Of Life

12 See What You Have Already Got

13 Hustle To Get What You Want

14 Stepping Closer To Goals

15 Inspiring Others

16 Acting As If

17 Learning Opportunities (Aka Mistakes)

18 Friendship And Other Company We Keep

19 Being Kinder To You

20 Every Front Has A Back

21 Re-Wiring Our Priorities

22 The Vocabulary Of Success

23 Anyone Who Can Breathe Can Meditate

24 Enjoying A Long And Healthy Life

25 Finding Good Enough Reasons To Avoid Self-Inflicted Poisons

26 Exercising Our Right To Exercise

27 A Mindful Approach To Health

28 Celebrate Your Successes And Be Ready For More!

29 And Finally, Truly Live Your Life