The Magic of Authentic Living (Paperback 302 Pages)

The Magic of Authentic Living (Paperback 302 Pages)


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Is it ridiculous to think that one book can transform lives? And yet isn’t it books which can hold up a mirror to the way we live and make us look at things from an entirely new perspective?! It’s all too easy for who we truly are to get a little lost along our way through life, what we really want gets put aside to fit in with the desires of parents, peers, friends and teachers when growing-up. Our wishes and desires taking second place to wanting to be accepted and liked. Our real dreams becoming forgotten along the way. Into adulthood the pressure to forge a career and be responsible can take us further away from our true-life mission.

We all possess our own potential for greatness, our reason for being here on this planet at this time – follow the principles in The Magic Of Authentic Living and you can expect to have more confidence, happiness, better health and most of all give yourself the freedom to finally at long last follow your own dreams and goals. You deserve nothing less!

Paperback 302 pages (2021)