The Magic of Holistic Living


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Dean Fraser inspires readers to search within for the key to their authentic self, unlocking for themselves their own incredible transformation that is their right to experience.

Each chapter shows how to maximize and grow into the incredible potential which is their birth right. The author shows the reader how they can live a life of their own choosing; and if that includes being happier and healthier then all is as it should be. The book clearly explains numerous life transformational core themes including emotional empowerment; infinite love; unfailing inner confidence and intuition; health orientated mindsets; meditation; finding lasting peace; and daily habits for staying true to who we are.

146 pages paperback - 2020.

Extracts from THE MAGIC OF HOLISTIC LIVING have featured in My Indigo Sun, New Dawn Magazine, New York Spirit, Roc Metaphysical, Welldoing, Oracle 20/20, the Edge, Podio Magazine, Inner Realm, Roots of Life, and Spirit Earth.