Thriving (Paperback 123 Pages)

Thriving (Paperback 123 Pages)


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Too many people with untold potential for greatness go through life feeling kind of unfulfilled. This book encourages the reader to make decisions and life choices based on listening to their own intuition, rather than logically deciding courses of action or being waylaid by the opinions of others:- Discover how to consciously create your own reality the way you want it to be; How to make sure your life has more assets than liabilities; Living ethically is really the only common-sense option; How loving yourself gives you the keys to loving life; Looking beyond consumerism to discover what really makes you deeply truly happy

The author makes a compelling case for choosing lifestyles with an eye to creating a smaller impact on the planet through reducing our carbon footprint, and living in harmony with our true nature as the path to inner happiness each and every day.

Paperback 123 pages (2021)