Travels With My Notebook & Pen by Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet (2016)


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He came, he saw, he wrote poetry! Here we have stories drawn from two decades worth of travel visiting iconic places across two continents. All the way from the tiny island of Sark, all the way up to New York. The poet brings his journeys alive, letting us feel what he felt and seeing what he saw...which might well be something everyone else failed to notice. You like travels stories with a difference? You have arrived at your destination! “This was a fine collection of concise poems describing the ancient lands of the United Kingdom and the busy streets of New York. It makes me want to visit these places find some inspiration in the landscapes myself. There are some poems that rhyme which made it fun for me to read out loud to myself. If you're into poetry and travel, this is one book to have with you.” GENUINE BOOK REVIEW. 62 pages. 2016

ISBN 9781545049686