Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing Pocketbook (2018)


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I have introduced over ten thousand people to dowsing over the past three decades. My Pocketbooks of Dowsing have become a classic introductory book on inspiring so many to unlock their own latent potential to dowse for themselves. A continual best-selling book on the subject since publication.

This original book was first written in 1998 (going on to sell over 10,000 copies) and I decided it was time to update it as pocketbook 2018; keeping most of the essence of the original book untouched and intact, adding only my own extra insights gained from experiences over the intervening years of teaching many to dowse. If these experiences have taught me anything it is that dowsing can be amazing, enlightening, sometimes frustrating because it does have a habit of not always giving you the answer you hoped for and occasionally even downright spooky when the illogical insight gained suddenly manifests in life in a very unexpected way.

66 Pages Paperback

Introducing Dowsing 07

Why Pendulum Dowsing? 11

What Exactly is a Pendulum? 14

Getting Started 18

Getting the most from Dowsing 27

Dowsing the Landscape 42

Dowsing for Health 49

Dowsing and Spirituality 54

Remaining Impartial 56

What Next 58

So, What Exactly is Dowsing Then? 61