Walking Our Talk Is Easy, Right? (Paperback 130 Pages)

Walking Our Talk Is Easy, Right? (Paperback 130 Pages)


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All free-thinkers are usually considered at the very least odd or even downright weird by the rules the rest of society makes. Yet it is so often free-thinkers who come up with those game-changing inspirational ideas to create paradigm shifts in the world. Walking Our Talk confirms you really are the only person best qualified out of everyone else to be YOU! In this book we meet people overcoming the limitations of society to forge right ahead to be their authentic selves. Over forty inspirational real-life stories of individuals taking their own unique paths through life resolutely determined to walk their own walk and talk their own walk, not caring how weird they might be considered for staying true to their inner wisdom and calling; all the happier for truly living 100% authentically.

Paperback 130 pages (2019)