Wandering & Wondering Pocketbook (Paperback 119 Pages)

Wandering & Wondering Pocketbook (Paperback 119 Pages)


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The poet takes us on walks around the towns and countryside of Britain as he ponders the meaning of life and why nobody told him earlier you notice so much more at walking pace! Walk alongside Dean Fraser on his poetic journey of discovery to visit ancient castles; observing life from a scenic bench looking out to sea; strolling round a Roman Wall; travelling canals; encountering world famous singers in a quiet seaside village; stone circles on empty moors; in the footsteps of Charles Dickens; soaking-up the culture of cities; erecting a tent in a field; trying to escape from a shopping mall and what he thinks of Stan Laurel. You may well find that you never look at the world in quite the same way again!

Paperback 119 pages (2015)