You But Stress Free (2018)


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This book is based on my Naturally Stress Free seminar. This event has seen me visit such an incredible variety of locations and I am privileged to have met some equally incredible people along the way!

I do appreciate how fortunate I am, I get to make a difference in the experience others have in their lives. Yet I know in reality what I do is show others the latent potential they always possessed within but didn’t quite know how to apply in their day to day life.

Stress is not something it is possible to avoid, however, there are definite ways we can reduce our stress levels when relating to how we deal with these challenging situations. These can take the form of handling our emotions, ways of coping with things in a more controlled way, a way that works for us rather than the situation controlling us. And there are also some practical ways, practical methods we can use to bring down our stress levels...

90 Pages Paperback


Stress In The 21st Century

Are We Really Stressed?

Emotional Energy


The Language We Use

The Company We Keep

Quality You Time and Meditation

Dealing With Stress