Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet. Presenter of Beyond Poetry Radio Show. Artist. Naturally Stress-Free Talks.

Author of worldwide best-selling Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing series of books...

Dean Fraser's says "the best advice I can give anyone is, whatever you are wishing to achieve, get out of your own way to let inspiration flow through you from your higher-self or connection to the infinite!"

Over three decades ago Dean Fraser decided to make his mission helping raise the vibrational energy on our beautiful planet through his writing, art and live events.

Dean firmly believes that we are all capable of far more than we ever imagined possible and all that latent potential is waiting right their within us awaiting the right trigger to be released....he trusts that by learning to listen to our intuition, we will encounter exactly the experiences necessary to grow into the person needed to fulfill all of our dreams and goals.

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"Evolvement comes from living, making mistakes which are not really mistakes but learning, walking our talk and sometimes tripping up along the way a few times before we finally get the message about what we need in order to grow. Shedding old patterns of behaviour as we progress through life, rather like the snake sheds its own skin to renew itself" Dean Fraser

"Love is quite simply the most powerful creative force, self-healing energy and gift to success that exists" Dean Fraser

In the last year Dean Fraser has contributed articles to or been featured in...Your Spiritual Revolution,, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, More To Life Magazine, Living Now, Creations, Indigo Sun Magazine, Roots of Life, Inner Realm, Mystic Living Today, Conscious Community, Conscious Life News, Oracle 20:20, New Dawn Magazine, Shine Your Lyght, Spirit Guides, Sense of Knowing, New Spirit Journal, In Daily, Spirit & Destiny Magazine, New York Spirit, Dear Enlightened One, Kindred Spirit Magazine, Culturium, Lancashire Life Magazine, Lancashire & North West Magazine, Lancashire Living, Zenasia, In Cheshire Magazine, Focus Wyre, New York Spirit, Lancaster Canal Trust Magazine, Dumfries & Galloway Life, Morris Newsletter, Best of British Magazine, Plant Based Eating, In Daily (Aus), Oracle 20:20, Local People Macclesfield, Living Edge and ROC Metaphysical.