Nothing feels better than positively surprising yourself!

Get right into the driving seat of your own life. Being empowered has little to do with warriors battling out against all the odds, it's about choosing to change our attitude to life which makes us all the winners. And what's even better is any one of us can choose to do this - to live a life enriched beyond what most imagine is possible.

Once personally empowered we then become able to deal with any curve-ball which comes our way and still prosper!


Dean passionately loves to share with others how we can all live the most outrageously amazing lives, this talks last about two hours. Dean is also available for one to one counselling. Contact Dean Fraser Central regarding availability and for a quote


Dean Fraser ensures his events are fun places to be!

Actively encouraging audience interaction, he is firmly of the opinion in order to be able to help, there needs to be a degree of trust between his audience and himself. Attend one of Dean's live events you can expect to come away with a greater personal understanding and armed with the tools to make genuine lasting change in your life.

Over the last two years he has contributed articles to and been published in international media via

New Dawn Magazine, Psychic News Magazine, Indie Shaman, Paranormal Underground Magazine, Wisdom, New Age Journal, Kindred Spirit, Om Place, Paradigm Shift Magazine, Take a Break Magazine, Living Now, More to Life, Fountain International, Nova Magazine, Mystic Living Today,, Light Work Review and Culturium (plus many local-based journals)

Dean Fraser is usually available for interviews - in the first instance for availability email