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Dean Fraser a life in healing...

I discovered hands-on healing early on and considered it quite a natural thing to do. When only three years old my mum’s mother (we called her Nan) suffered from a crippling headache, instinctively I placed my hands on her head. Ten minutes later she was able to return to her favourite pastime and picked up her crossword, all discomfort released.

The same pattern continued during my infant years. By nature I was able to sense certain kinds of discomfort in others, which as you might imagine was a bit of a blessing and curse in equal measures. Once deep within the education system I learned to tune-out this sense to a certain extent, this being the only way I was able to co-exist with my peers. I did still heal for those closest to me, the outer world had no idea of this though.

Dowsing entered my life nearly three decades ago and over the years I have introduced well over ten thousand people to pendulum dowsing. Crystal healing followed as a natural progression from my interest in dowsing, as an instinctive healer I became fascinated with the way crystals and gems can be used to focus certain energies for specific requirements. Meditation similarly grew out of a desire to understand firstly myself and then the Universe in a more complete, interactive sense.

Out of my wish to further help others, over two decades ago, I studied body language to gain my certification and registration with Associated Stress Consultants.

Things happening at the right time, with a beautifully synchronicity, is a pattern throughout my life. Meditation is something I have practised since quite early on in my life. I thrill at showing others how much calmer their lives can be by bringing meditation into their daily routine; and this all initially came about through a request at one of my others shows from the audience for me to come back to teach them how to meditate and some relaxation techniques. Be aware my friends, the life-plan you ought to be taking is usually made obvious, grab it and see where it takes you!

Paranormal investigation again is something having its heart in my very early life and grew out of a wish to understand the experiences I was having, I wrote a book under the name Decanus Fragaria (the Latin version of my name) Ghost, Demons and Psychic Healing Casebook, which has gone on to be five times number one download on Amazon.

Poetry is a unique way I can reach the heart and soul of so many in a beautifully artistic way. I adore performing poetry live; and my own radio show Beyond Poetry is heard by over a quarter of a million listeners each week.

Poetry performance at a library in Cheshire, circa 2017

Dowsing under a weeping willow tree, circa 2016

On tour, circa 2005

Over the last two years I have contributed articles to and been published in

New Dawn Magazine, Psychic News Magazine, Indie Shaman, Paranormal Underground Magazine, Wisdom, New Age Journal, Kindred Spirit, Om Place, Paradigm Shift Magazine, Take a Break Magazine, Living Now, More to Life, Fountain International, Nova Magazine, Mystic Living Today, SelfGrowth.com, Light Work Review and Culturium.

I have appeared on local radio and TV over one hundred times over the last 12 months and I am usually available for interviews - in the first instance for interview availability email deanfraserofficial@outlook.com

"If I ever became so arrogant as to assume I had completed my education I would retire to a small island with no internet or phone connection, then I wouldn’t be tempted to communicate with anyone!"

Dean Fraser

What others say...

“Dean Fraser sees his mission in life to spread some much-needed laughter and love in this world”


“Dean shows how evolving comes from living, making mistakes which are not really mistakes but learning, walking our talk and sometimes tripping up a few times before we finally get the message about what we need in order to grow”


“The sooner more know about The Two Minute De-Stress, the sooner we can bring more peace to this world”


“Dean was very interactive with the audience afterwards and from that, he has offered to come back to do a session on how to meditate – a request from the audience”


“...Absorb yourself within these pages. The author is a body language psychologist and runs workshops helping people to live a more auspicious life”


“Listening to Dean Fraser transports you. Powerful works”

“Really enjoyed listening. I loved it, well done”