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The only way to awaken all the dormant magic within is to feel grateful that we have already unlocked it. I adore this apparent paradox - Dean Fraser

In the late 1980’s Dean resolved to undertake a personal quest for metaphysical growth. This ongoing journey has seen him read thousands of books, travel across two continents in search of truths, network with fellow seekers of enlightenment through sharing wisdoms collectively, and personally visit countless sacred sites to attune with their energies. From the mid-1990's through until 2008 he ran The Strawberry Crystal, wholesaling an in-house range of Dowsing Pendulums and Crystal Healing Kits - during this time Dean wrote a course on Crystal Healing for a well-known university in the West Midlands area of England.

Over the last three decades Dean has become one of the world's leading advocates of dowsing as a means of connecting to our own intuition, also a passionate teacher of empowering others to self heal and adopting more holistic lifestyles.

He found another channel for spiritual expression through poetry as a creative outlet. Dean sees his role as a poet primarily to get out of his own way to allow full expression from his higher-self or source! He spent a while as resident poet on a local TV channel. Since 2017 Dean Fraser has hosted his syndicated arts and culture radio show Beyond Poetry, which is heard by upwards of quarter of a million people each week across the UK.

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Dean Fraser has been vegan for nearly two decades and before that was veggie.