Dean Fraser - Award Winning Artist and Internationally Acclaimed as The Quantum Poet

AWARD WINNING ARTIST Dean gained his first artistic certificate of merit when aged eleven. During the 1990's Dean's art in collage was exclusively exhibited at Butterflies in the heart of Cheshire, England. Around that time Dean also worked in illustration, his line drawings appeared as cover pieces on several town guides. Dean seeks to express inner peace and contentment through his art. He sees his role as the artist primarily to get out of the way and allow inspiration to flow from his higher self or superconscious mind. Experimenting with colour and form continues to fascinate him.

INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED POET Dean's poems have featured in magazines from the USA, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia and his native UK. Dean writes from the heart, as with his art he feels his role as the poet is to get out of his own way and let the words flow through him from his higher self or superconscious mind. Earlier in his poetic career Dean travelled extensively performing shows at literature events, festivals and libraries; he spent a while as resident poet on a local TV channel. Dean Fraser hosts syndicated arts and culture radio show Beyond Poetry, reaching 1/4 million listeners each week.

An Artistic Legacy...Born to Create with no Plan B!

Dean Fraser says "My mother encouraged me to be almost sketching and painting before I could even walk! As an artist herself she sought to pass on to me the joy of taking a blank paper or canvass and making something brand new appear right there in front of our eyes"

Josy Fraser spent over three decades as an artist, her inspiration found her constantly evolving and seeking creativity outside of her comfort zone. The 1980's was her most rewarding time as an artist, as her talent become more publicly known she received numerous commissions for paintings, many of which still hang where originally intended nearly forty years on; these include a commision of four seascape paintings for the media office of the very well known frontman from an Irish rock band, the limited edition original sketches for which are available right here on the website. Without Josy and her infectious love of art, Dean might well have never set out on his own artistic journey...and he really does feel compelled to create with no Plan B!

Dean concludes "since my mother passed away last year, I have become custodian to the considerable archive of her thirty years worth of creativity" he continues "I feel her stunning art really deserves to be appreciated by a wider audience and so I am allowing selected prints to be sold only through my official website. These prints are strictly limited to just 1000 numbered copies worldwide (once 1000 have been sold, they will immediately be removed from sale on the website)".