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“The only way to awaken all the dormant magic within is to feel grateful that we have already unlocked it. I adore this apparent paradox" - Dean Fraser

Over three decades ago, working as he then did within the corporate world of publishing, Dean Fraser experienced what can only be described as an epiphany about where his career needed to go next. A radical lifestyle change became essential!

He started The Strawberry Crystal, wholesalers of in-house designed dowsing pendulums and crystal healing kits. A business which over the fifteen years it existed grew to supply retail outlets in the UK, Spain, Sweden and Canada. Dean wrote his first book in 1998, namely the original Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing, shortly followed by Gems, Crystals and You. He also wrote a course on crystal healing for a well-known university in the West Midlands area of England.

Requests to give talks duly happened, and Dean said yes to the opportunity to publicly share his passion and enthusiasm for dowsing and holistic living. He chose to never work from scripts, trusting that when he stands in front of an audience what he wishes to share will happen naturally and freely; and he still works that way today some two decades on from his first speaking event.

Poetry entered his life in a more significant way around ten years ago. Initially as part of a collective known as The 4 Poets. Quickly finding this format restricting, Dean had his Beatles moment and left to go solo. He never looked back! His poetry has been called life affirming, and he certainly writes from the heart with the intention of inspiring the his reader's to live a more complete and beautiful life.

Dean also occasionally writes observational travel poetry, telling of places he has visited over the years which have captured his imagination.

He reaches over ten million people every year via his columns for magazines, his syndicated radio show Beyond Poetry, at live events and through readership of his books.

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"A cannot claim personal credit for anything I create. And I do find myself continually amazed by the creative process and fascinated to see what next is produced through me!" - Dean Fraser


Can you imagine yourself living that ideal life? Dreams you have held onto for so many years, finally acted upon and coming to be your reality? The utopia you always secretly thought was possible excitingly becoming your everyday direct experience. It doesn’t matter if rather like a game of snakes and ladders getting there may not always take the most direct route. Making the personal choice to live on our own terms every single day and right there is our real key to lasting happiness!

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