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“The only way to awaken all the dormant magic within is to feel grateful that we have already unlocked it. I adore this apparent paradox" - Dean Fraser

HOLISTIC LIFESTYLES As well as his own books Dean Fraser writes columns for over thirty magazines worldwide each year. He gives keynote talks on 100% Natural Ways to deal with Stress at health events, to mental health awareness groups and further education centres.

PERFORMANCE POETRY Over the last decade Dean Fraser has performed poetry for well over ten million people through his own live events, appearances on television and his syndicated weekly radio show Beyond Poetry.

VOICE ACTING Starting out recording audiobooks, Dean Fraser recently worked with a world famous baked bean and ketchup manufacturer for a staff training video.

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"A cannot claim personal credit for anything I create. And I do find myself continually amazed by the creative process and fascinated to see what next is produced through me!" - Dean Fraser


Dean Fraser starts with the history of dowsing and then takes us on a journey. Here we meet experienced dowsers using their pendulums to find lost objects, water and heal relationships. We also read of those seeking dowsers help to deal with metaphysical issues in their lives. These stories, together with the included exercises intended to stretch the reader’s own dowsing abilities, layer together to create a holistic sense of how just a simple pendulum can completely transform lives. For first-time dowsers there is a simple to follow step-by-step instructions section which will see them dowsing for themselves quickly and accurately. Compelling tales from the author’s three decades as a dowser bring alive his own fascination with the pendulum and will inspire the reader either into buying a pendulum for themselves or should they already be a dowser then reaching for their own, to discover so many more ways that dowsing can be integrated into their daily routine and provide insights into their lives.

Born To Dowse

Paperback 75 pages (2021)



Kindle Edition



Dean Fraser has contributed to or been featured in... Positive Life Magazine, Focus On Health & Wellbeing, Podio, Fountain International, Jam Magazine, Dancing On Magazine, Wildsounds, Northern Life Magazine, Your Spiritual Revolution,, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, More To Life Magazine, Living Now, Creations, Indigo Sun Magazine, Roots of Life, Inner Realm, Mystic Living Today, Conscious Community, Conscious Life News, Oracle 20:20, New Dawn Magazine, Shine Your Lyght, Spirit Guides, Sense of Knowing, New Spirit Journal, In Daily, Spirit & Destiny Magazine, New York Spirit, Dear Enlightened One, Kindred Spirit Magazine, Culturium, Lancashire Life Magazine, Lancashire & North West Magazine, Lancashire Living, Zenasia, In Cheshire Magazine, Focus Wyre, New York Spirit, Lancaster Canal Trust Magazine, Towpath Topics, Dumfries & Galloway Life, Morris Newsletter, Best of British Magazine, Plant Based Eating, In Daily (Aus), Oracle 20:20, Local People Macclesfield, Settle Online Magazine, Living Edge, Vegan Life and ROC Metaphysical.

Five times No1 best selling genre writer on Amazon Worldwide.

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