Dean Fraser - Holistic Mindset Coach

I have been studying human potential in tandem with holistic healing for well over thirty years. I am what is usually referred to as a Life Coach, yet I am a little different than most others...Holistic Mindset Coach is how I see my role. My approach is indeed holistic and instinctive, for sure I can help in achieving empowering mindsets, yet it won't mean much at all if I don't also ensure those changes I offer my audiences and clients are 100% true to their Authentic Self and Inner Spirituality.

I published my first book in 1998, entitled Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing, which went on to introduce over ten thousand people to dowsing in a little under two years within my native UK. Other books followed, together with talks and workshops, all integrated within the ethos of what has become my main mission in life, which can be summed up as "we all deserve to be happier, healthier and more successful, let me show you why and how!"

Qualified initially as a Body Language Psychologist, I am on the register of Associated Stress Consultants. I have evolved cutting-edge mindfulness techniques which offer long lasting results, precisely because they are founded within holistic and non-religious spiritual principles.

Each year I happily reach over fifteen million people through talks, my magazine articles globally, audio & paper books and my syndicated arts radio show.

Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet

Performing poetry opened a whole new area of creativity for me, leading to going on a few solo UK tours as a poet; and some outrageously unprecedented exposure through taking part in many radio interviews and tv appearances to talk poetry. Which led to me being offered and saying YES to my own arts radio show. Which moved on to now having my own in-house recording studio to produce my syndicated Beyond Poetry Radio Show, growing to be heard via multiple community radio stations by over a quarter million listeners around the world each week.

The other beauty about having a recording studio is I can also produce my own audio books, be those life-coaching centred or indeed poetry. My audio books allow me to practically reach millions of people worldwide, many of whom would never otherwise have the chance to hear some of the essence of what I impart during one of my seminars.

Did I plan any of this beforehand? Absolutely not!!! I have always been ready for the chance to say YES and see where it might take me though.

Over the last two years I have contributed articles to and been published in international media via...

New Dawn Magazine, Psychic News Magazine, Indie Shaman, Paranormal Underground Magazine, Wisdom, New Age Journal, Kindred Spirit, Om Place, Paradigm Shift Magazine, Take a Break Magazine, Living Now, More to Life, Fountain International, Nova Magazine, Mystic Living Today,, Light Work Review, Lancashire & North West Magazine, Jam, Energy Magazine, Holistic Resource Online, Oracle 20:20, ROC Metaphysical, Mindful Magazine (USA) and Culturium (plus many local-based journals)

Dean Fraser is usually available for interviews - in the first instance for availability email