Dean Fraser - Spiritual Holistic Living Teacher, Best-Selling Author, Artist and The Quantum Poet

Dean Fraser's says "the best advice I can give is, whatever you are wishing to achieve, get out of your own way and let inspiration flow through you from your higher-self or connection to the infinite!"

"We need to take action to change anything in life. To make changes, we need to be the one in the captain’s chair steering our life into these desired new directions where we want to go" Dean Fraser

Over three decades ago Dean Fraser decided to make his mission helping raise the vibrational energy on our beautiful planet. He writes inspiring books and poetry collections, he presents talks on spiritual holistic living and creates art through meditation. Dean also hosts syndicated arts and culture radio show Beyond Poetry, he writes for around thirty international magazines and was for a while resident poet on a local TV channel.

Dean firmly believes that we are all capable of far more than we ever imagined possible and all that latent potential is waiting right their within us awaiting the right trigger to be released....he trusts that by learning to listen to our intuition, we will encounter exactly the experiences necessary to grow into the person needed to fulfill all of our dreams and goals.