Who Am I?

I am an intuitive healer. Having first discovered my ability when quite small, assuming everyone did this I became confused when dawning realisation hit me this is far from the case. What might have been a little isolating from others in fact turned out differently as I gradually learned to tune-out from the constant stream of energy I picked-up from those around me, sensing any maladies they may be afflicted with.

I also developed an equally intuitive code of ethics, meaning under no circumstances would I ever offer any kind of healing unless directly asked for. I feel I have no right to interfere in the lives of others, and if their path meant they needed to go through certain learning experiences along the way, it was equally their right to do so. I still live by this same code quite a few decades on!

Crystal Healing and Dowsing

Following a family tradition and already a dowsers for a goodly few years, eventually in 1998 I finally wrote Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing, which much to my own surprise went on to introduce over ten thousand people to dowsing in a little under two years within my native UK.

My own quest into exploring the metaphysical and arcane has led me in the pouring rain exploring stone circles on deserted moors, through the pages of long out of print books; and many external and internal quests searching for my own truths. I became known as The Quantum Poet on the back of my work in the metaphysical and mindfulness awareness.

I love crystals, for their infinite beauty and for all that they have given me over decades of getting to know them. I want to introduce you to our friends from the mineral world and share with you their beauty. From the early 90's I ran wholesalers The Strawberry Crystal for fifteen years, during which time I wrote Working With Crystal Energy. I was also honoured to be asked to compile a crystal healing course for a well known university in the Midlands area of England.

See page CRYSTAL HEALING or DOWSING more details

Naturally Stress Free

Qualified initially as a Body Language Psychologist, I am on the register of Associated Stress Consultants. I have evolved cutting-edge mindfulness techniques which offer long lasting results, precisely because they are founded within holistic principles and true to your authentic self.

We all deserve to be happier, healthier and more successful, let me show you why and how!

See page NATURALLY STRESS FREE for more details

Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet

All my poetry is written from the heart. Personally I find the only way is to be authentic in my words and any less would be to cheat my readers and audiences.

I am eternally grateful that others enjoy reading and listening to my poetry. As long you all keep on coming to my live shows and giving me such loving energy, I will carry on touring.

“These observational poems are thought provokingly deep, sometimes historical, other times contemporary and often simply laugh out loud funny…”LANCASHIRE LIVING MAGAZINE

See THE QUANTUM POET page for more details

Over the last two years I have contributed articles to and been published in international media via...

New Dawn Magazine, Psychic News Magazine, Indie Shaman, Paranormal Underground Magazine, Wisdom, New Age Journal, Kindred Spirit, Om Place, Paradigm Shift Magazine, Take a Break Magazine, Living Now, More to Life, Fountain International, Nova Magazine, Mystic Living Today,, Light Work Review, Lancashire & North West Magazine, Jam, Energy Magazine, Holistic Resource Online, Oracle 20:20, ROC Metaphysical, Mindful Magazine (USA) and Culturium (plus many local-based journals)

I am usually available for interviews - in the first instance for availability email

The Quantum Poet goes live...

Poetry performance to date at Pagan Pride, Linkfest (Blackpool), Whitton Country Fayre, What's The Story Chorley (3 Times), Bohemia Poetry (7 times), Brockholes Music and Words Festival, Harris Flights Bank Holiday Festival, Museums at Night...etc,. I have also performed at well over 100 libraries across the UK, I present & produce Beyond Poetry Radio Show and was for a while resident poet on That's Lancashire TV