"One of our foremost poets currently active in the UK"

"Love is quite simply the most powerful creative force, self-healing energy and gift to success that exists" Dean Fraser

Dean Fraser is deeply grateful that he gets to do what he loves the most, which is create beautiful things. His seeks to inspire others through his own poetry, his art pieces and media work. His decision right from the beginning was to create collections of exquisitely beautiful poems. He wanted these poetic tales to stand the test of time, to be as relevant and appreciated in a hundred years, as he aimed for them to be today.

2018 saw him come up with his game-changing collection A Healing For Gaia, heeding the clarion call of distress from our bluey-green planet...

This year promises to be prolific for our poet. Unable to tour, he has taken the opportunity to create some brand-new collections. The Merseyside Poems out in August; and Dean is currently writing The Cumbrian Poems due out before the end of September. And he even has plans for The Manchester Poems at some point before the end of 2020...it seems live audience's loss has been our gain!

Dean adds "I appreciate that I am a fortunate person, I love to travel, I adore writing poems and happily I am able to combine the two in most of my poetic tales. I write for my own enjoyment first and foremost, yet I also compose my poems in the knowledge others will read them and aim to make them entertaining as well. I always see my poetic stories as glimpses into moments of time, rather like seeds trapped in amber, windows showing a view into past events and the places I have been. In the dawn of a fresh decade I am travelling further and exploring deeper than ever before. I hope you enjoy my poetry as much as I love creating it for you"

To get in touch email deanfraserofficial@outlook.com

"The only way to unlock the magical things we have the potential for is to feel grateful for what already have. And practice active gratitude every day" Dean Fraser

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"Dean is just magical he takes you on a journey meandering through time, visiting town and country exploring our heritage, exploring our history. A fascinating world of discovery for both young and old alike, memories of days gone by, an opportunity to sit and reflect. Dean sensitively explores the modern world. This is a wonderful collection of stories, poems , memories full of sentiment, passion and with spirituality" READER REVIEW

"I'm not particularly a big poetry fan but I do read it now and then. I usually look for poems that I can relate to or that inspire and motivate me. This chap has written material that has from time to time inspired and motivated me, so he must be doing something right!" READER REVIEW

"This was a fine collection of concise poems describing the ancient lands of the United Kingdom. It makes me want to visit these places find some inspiration in the landscapes myself. This is one book to have with you." READER REVIEW

"I thought these poems were brilliant and I have enjoyed reading them many times since I bought this book." READER REVIEW

Dean Fraser has contributed poetry to or been featured in...Podio, Fountain International, Jam Magazine, Dancing On Magazine, Wildsounds, Northern Life Magazine, Your Spiritual Revolution, Belief.net, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, More To Life Magazine, Living Now, Creations, Indigo Sun Magazine, Roots of Life, Inner Realm, Mystic Living Today, Conscious Community, Conscious Life News, Oracle 20:20, New Dawn Magazine, Shine Your Lyght, Spirit Guides, Sense of Knowing, New Spirit Journal, In Daily, Spirit & Destiny Magazine, New York Spirit, Dear Enlightened One, Kindred Spirit Magazine, Culturium, Lancashire Life Magazine, Lancashire & North West Magazine, Lancashire Living, Zenasia, In Cheshire Magazine, Focus Wyre, New York Spirit, Lancaster Canal Trust Magazine, Towpath Topics, Dumfries & Galloway Life, Morris Newsletter, Best of British Magazine, Plant Based Eating, In Daily (Aus), Oracle 20:20, Local People Macclesfield, Settle Online Magazine, Living Edge, Vegan Life and ROC Metaphysical.


2013 - The Lancashire Poems Live

2014 - The Cheshire Poems Live

2015 - So Many Words UK Tour

2016 Travels With My Notebook & Pen UK Tour

2017-18 - Beyond Poetry UK Tour

2019-20 - 247 Poems UK Tour