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The only way to awaken all the dormant magic within is to feel grateful that we have already unlocked it. I adore this apparent paradox - Dean Fraser

Is It Possible To Follow Our Dreams?

Yes, it most definitely is very possible, and I am equally sure this is precisely what we should all be doing!

Do you have a dream of what you should be doing in life? In your quiet alone moments do you see yourself living a radically different life to the one you currently lead? In my case I am following my dream right now. Although, it hasn’t always been this way!

My higher self for sure had a bit of a scream at me for quite a few years. Clear signs about what I should be doing with my life were presented to me. In increasingly simplistic and obvious ways, which I duly ignored. I am sure my higher-self must have thought I was either incredibly lazy or unbelievably stupid. Then eventually I decided I had better firstly write and then get out there and talk to people. Spread some love out into this World. Much to the relief of my higher self, I am sure!

Has this journey been easy? If it had been I wouldn’t have learned anything of any value. Yet every challenge, every curve-ball which blocked my path, only served to make me more self-disciplined and determined to find a way. And it was there every time.

My passion is helping people unlock their own potential to live a life of their choice. I initially went out on the road offering free-to-hear talks to anyone who wanted to listen. A few decades later I find I am constantly in demand as a public speaker at both my own events and wellness seminars.

Thoughts + words = reality…ours.

As a child I loved art. Quite early in life I discovered Surrealism through picture books showing the works of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. Naturally this influenced my childhood art; and to my delight, at nine years’ old, I found some of my art exhibited in a local art exhibition. Even more delightedly I received certificates of commendation.

In secondary school, however, I came across an art teacher who strongly disliked Surrealism. Highly negatively critical of my art, she insisted I paint in Realism instead, which I obviously felt unhappy at the prospect of. When faced with a still-life vase of flowers, she would tell me quite loudly in front of all the class, how my painting looked absolutely nothing like that vase of flowers! I tried explaining I had painted the flowers how I interpreted them, but it fell upon deaf ears. The consequence of this childhood experience saw me fall out of love with art for many years and get triggered to feel quite angry whenever encountering still-life paintings. My reaction to this teacher’s words influenced my adult life all the way through into my mid-30’s. Eventually, with the encouragement of my significant other, I started visiting some Surrealist Art Galleries; and finally acquired some pencils and a sketch-pad. And art is now once more a central part of my life…quite literally picking up where I had left-off all those years earlier.

Enter The Poet!

Poetry entered my life in a significant way around a decade ago. Invited to join an underground bohemian collective I gained valuable experience for the year I remained a part of it all. I had my Beatles moment when I left to go solo and never really looked back. Having been published in numerous magazines around the world, spent time as resident poet on a local television channel, performed my live poetry shows right across my native UK and since 2017 presented/produced my syndicated radio show Beyond Poetry, I am left more certain than ever that saying YES to those leftfield opportunities which happen along in life leads to unprecedented personal growth and above all enjoying some rather wonderful adventures along the way!

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