Public speaking had already become second nature to me, I felt (and still do) a buzz of excitement of pure joy stood before an audience to communicate. This will always be an inherently two-way communication. I know my own story inside out, I sure prefer to know yours and then I might help you more effectively.

Poetry was different though. The prospect of laying myself creatively on the line, publicly sharing my poetry for the first time did lead me to question my sanity more than once as the date of the evening literary festival approached. I felt compelled to do it all the same, if only to once again walk the talk I had been telling others for years about relating to leaving our Comfort Zones!

Ironically, as I arrived at the venue on the night in question the organiser came to see me backstage and asked a favour. Having already attended one of my Stress Free Forever talks, he knew how I usually function in front of an audience and so asked if I might mentor two nervous first-time performance poets to let them share the stage with me and then they would feel more at ease. He assumed, as a regular on stage I knew what I was doing and equally assumed I must have performed poetry many times before. All my own concerns forgotten, of course I said YES to his request.

And us three went on stage together that night, to stand next to one another at three microphones, with me in the middle to lend them a little extra sense of security. I introduced us, performed a poem, then led my new friends into their own performances, us then taking it in turns to share our creative endeavours. It was great fun and for half an hour I believe we managed to entertain our audience. Well, they applauded at the end and before that laughed at the right moments, so chances are they enjoyed our poetic tales.

The organiser did me a great favour that night. Without realising he put me into a mindset I felt 100% comfortable with. Mentoring others, helping them to find the inner confidence to leave their Comfort Zones, resulted in me not even considering my own any more. After all mentoring is my stock-in-trade, it is what I do! My own misgiving completely forgotten, out I went personally feeling like I had been performing poetry for years…and that is exactly how everyone perceived me.

Mindset in everything and the apparent limitation of a Comfort Zone might well turn out to have been a mirage after all, once you or I choose to do something awesome and embrace one of those slightly scary new experiences.

Beyond Poetry Radio Show

As Dean Fraser - The Quantum Poet I am heard by over a quarter of a million listeners across the UK (and a little further afield) via the network of amazing community radio stations who broadcast the show. I love radio. Having done more hours live radio than I care to remember, firstly being interviewed on countless shows and latterly presenting my live version of Beyond Poetry. Realisation eventually dawned on your poet, live radio on one station meant spreading the word on how amazing poetry is to only the one local audience.

I wanted to reach so many more people...
Beyond Poetry Radio Show grew into being a pre-recorded show syndicated through multiple community radio stations. Recording the show also saw me finally being able to craft the type of show my original vision suggested it ought to be...I always seeks exquisite in any creative output...Beyond Poetry Radio as a showcase for poetry was always intended to make people happy!