Walking lightly through life was central in my mind here.

Back in the mists of time we walked these shores

This view we have seen

Meditated on this rock

To the sound of waves lapping gently

Footsteps, walking in our own past

Back in the mists of time we walked in this forest

These trees our friends

Meditated leant against the old oak

To the sound of the birdsong chorus

Footsteps, walking in our own past

Back in the mists of time we climbed this mountain

Winter’s snow and spring’s wildflowers

Meditated in the heart of the cave

To the sound of the eagle’s distant calls

Footsteps, walking in our own past

Back in the mists of time we lived by the seasons

In harmony with all that is natural

Meditated under the bluest sky

To the sound of the earth’s heartbeat

Footsteps, walking in our own past

Back in the mists of time I looked into your eyes

Hearts and souls eternally connected

Meditated beside one another

To the sound of eternity

Footsteps, walking in our own past


Her most treasured possession


Veritably threadbare

Once brown

Now no longer

Original colour faded out

Existing only in memory

As he does now


Her adored Grandpops

Three years since he passed away

His jacket

The one he wore come rain or shine

Became hers

Only hers

And the emotions

Which came with it

She wore it every day

His jacket

Come rain or shine

He somehow feeling closer

Protecting her even now

As he once had

What now?

As the jacket

His jacket

Borrowed from him

On permanent loan

Now worn by her

Gently wears out

She cries

Tears of despair

What now?

No amount of cleaning

Of repairing

Patching up

Can save it

Things wear out

Memories don’t

What now?

A suggestion arrives from afar

Grandpops lives in you

In those treasured times

His words of love

Of humour

His jacket

Your jacket

The symbol

Of all he was

Find an exact replica

Have one made if needs be

Like when it was new

When Grandpops wore it the first time

It’s the remembrance

Deep inside

Your new jacket


In honour of his jacket

It will still hold the memories

Every single one of them

New jacket

Same old warmth

So she did

And it does

Comforts her

This new jacket

Exactly like before

Worn with love

What of Grandpops old jacket?

Framed, it hangs in her den

She smiles up at it

And dances a happy dance

Just as she did with Grandpops

So many times

Wearing her

His jacket


Jack In The Green awakens from his slumber

Spring is upon us, nature in all her wonder

Gaze in awe of rebirth, renewal, fertility

Stood deep in the forest, deep within tranquillity

Robin Goodfellow his mischief to perform

Souring milk, trampling crop circles from fields of corn

Tripping those who into the green wood unwary tread

Laughing, yet another traveller away from path he led

Puck so much more than a Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare drawing upon history, the arcane, unseen

Trickster of faery folk, denizen of mischievous games and fun

Beware, if he enchants you, from those woods you’ll never run

Herne the Hunter now be wary here, take heed

Horns upon his head, the wildest wild hunt he leads

Terrified peasants flee from upon his path

Lest they feel the full forth of his awful wrath

Robin Hood, legend tells many tales of his noble deeds

Taking only from rich, to the poor sharing his proceeds

Did he exist, the debate lingers on, I think live he once must

With his merry band, close to nature, righting the unjust

The Green Man, guardian of all that truly matters

Without the woods, forest, trees, our ecosystem shatters

Summer sun to winter’s frozen whitest beauty

He oversees it all, such is The Green Man’s duty

Of all these characters who’s stories I shared this day

A common thread exists and I feel compelled to say

Treasure the green wood, as all nature freely gives

Knowing any less than that is to hardly even live


A vision of another time

Feeling the landscape

Reaching into the past

Mineral rich

Quarry his location


Seeking to communicate

Follow his intuition

Off the well walked track

Reading the ground

With closed eyes, he sees

And walks with purpose

Yes, it is just as he saw


Hidden under long grass

This hollowed out depression

He drops to the ground

Hands feeling, seeing

As he knew it would be

This ancient smelting place

Suddenly his fingers touch something

Partly buried

Prising his prize from the Earth

Copper ore

Pure copper ore

What he came here for

Long thought long gone

He had a dream

Acted upon

This piece of rock

His gift

It is well travelled

Two continents it has visited

Held in such esteem


It goes with him

Protective talisman

Or perhaps taliswoman

Copper of the goddess

She watches over him


Which style of clothes we choose to wear

Are those the right labels on show there?

Or supermarket jeans with matching top

Did that bag come from an online shop?

Got to dress-up that look, make it “you”

Designer a must, branded training shoe

Myriad of gadgets await our pleasure

Living in an electronic world to enjoy our leisure

Discarded phone, new model has pride of place

But is it truly better, this future we embrace?

Computers, pads, tablets, music storage devices

And the rest, of course, all at premium brand prices

Only one way to be powerfully able

Free ourselves from any kind of label

We used to buy a car for what it did

A choice that brand awareness then undid

If it does not wear the proper badge it’s tragic

Of course, it is nice to have nice things, magic

Buying into designer experience is only a sham

For sure an Emperor’s New Clothes kind of scam

What is your job, who is your circle?

How to exist in this world so commercial?

How is your accent, are you eloquent enough?

Are you geeky or perhaps considered hot stuff?

Wearing shades in winter only for the look

Posting to impress to excess on facebook

Only one way to be powerfully able

Free ourselves from any kind of label

Look within for the answers to the meaning of life

Forget chasing labels, the cause of so much strife

Look within where the answer has always been inside

Let our own intuition now be our eternal guide

Happiness our birth right and to be free of

Chasing those labels, and just feeling the love


Confidence comes from self-knowing

Knowing is to journey within

Within is the source of all wisdom

Wisdom is to truly master life

Life is about self-knowing

Knowing oneself is growing

Growing is the true path

Paths all lead to inner wisdom

Wisdom is an acceptance

Acceptance is to know oneself

Oneself the true source of knowing

Knowing yet never knowing all

All we exist for is growing

Growing onwards mastering life

Life needing to manifest wisdom

Wisdom knowing eternally growing

Endless possibilities…

Please note: poetry is the copyright of Dean Fraser and may not be reproduced without permission.